Sichuan Chuandong Pesticide Chemical Co., LTD
Corporate culture
The core connotation of the corporate culture of Sichuan Chuandong Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. is "responsibility" and "excellence"。Namely: to "thick virtue" and "load", to be independent, help the world, good responsibility, continuous progress of excellent corporate citizens。
Our core values: 
Moral commitment, innovative ideas, science and technology to develop enterprises, cut stone into jade。 
Our development purpose: 
Cast life vitality, create all things vitality。 
Our business philosophy: 
Good faith heaven and earth, the square。 
Our management philosophy: 
Enhance cohesion with cultural force, and promote development with executive force。 
Our working philosophy: 
Customers have no complaints, no defects in service, management without blind spots, quality without defects。 
Our moral creed: 
To govern enterprises by virtue, abide by the contract。 
Our business policy: 
Safety, high quality, technical improvement, low consumption。 
Our corporate spirit: 
Unity, truth-seeking, self-improvement, innovation, bright sword。 
Our labor spirit: 
Be down-to-earth and strive to be first;Work hard, willing people ladder。 
Our "Three Hearts" 
Responsibility, initiative and dedication。 
The way we work 
Smile is our language, action is our belief。 
Our team spirit: 
Respect, understanding, love, mutual help。 
Our team spirit: 
Special can bear hardships, special can fight, special talk about the overall situation, special talk about pay, special talk about hard work。 
Our service purpose: 
Think what farmers think, urgent farmers urgent, do what farmers do。 
Our service philosophy: 
Smile on the face, civilized language on the mouth, hard work in the hand。 
Our work ethic: 
Integrity, unity, innovation, truth-seeking, law-abiding, clean, dedicated。 
Our marketing principles: 
First-class products, first-class service, honesty and trustworthiness, customer first。 
Our innovative concept: 
Poverty makes change, does not do "wedding clothes" for monopoly enterprises, controls the eyes of consumers with quality, and watches the world with their own eyes, rather than drifting with the tide。 
Our strategic direction: 
Green, cultural, diverse, international。 
Our strategic vision: 
Stand firm in eastern Sichuan, based on Sichuan, facing the whole country, to the world。 
Our strategic plan: 
Integrate superior resources, build core competitiveness, standardize corporate governance, and create a century-old store。 
Our strategic commanding heights: 
To be the enterprise that farmers love and contribute to human society。